Interviewed for The iPaper

I’ve been interviewed by the The iPaper regarding the lifting of Covid restrictions, and how small businesses plan to prepare 🗞 My calligraphy workshop will remain ‘Covid secure’ for the foreseeable. The full article is available online, as well as a mention in the print version of today’s paper too (page 8) 🗞 🖋 ClickContinue reading “Interviewed for The iPaper”

My Calligraphy Workshop is OPEN!!

I’m absolutely delighted to tell you that my calligraphy workshop is OPEN!! It’s been months of hard work and planning, but we’ve done it! (I say ‘we’ve’ because I couldn’t have done any of it without the help from my parents and husband) I’ve made a few changes to the layout to ensure the workshopContinue reading “My Calligraphy Workshop is OPEN!!”

Fresh Blackboards for Michelin Guide Restaurant

I was delighted when James from Wild Shropshire Restaurant contacted me during lockdown – he asked me to update their existing black boards to showcase their (takeaway) bakery range. Like many restaurant owners across the UK, everyone’s trying to find a way to diversify – James is offering a bakery range which can be enjoyedContinue reading “Fresh Blackboards for Michelin Guide Restaurant”

Find me in Selfridges this Christmas!

Well that’s a phone call I wasn’t expecting on a Thursday afternoon… guess who found me via Instagram and wants me in-store for customer promotions? Only flipping Selfridges! I was literally jumping for joy but trying to keep my cool at the same time (as well as bribing Arthur with chocolate to stop him makingContinue reading “Find me in Selfridges this Christmas!”

Modern Calligraphy for Beginners (Postal Kits) – As seen in Cheshire Life

Guess who’s appeared in Cheshire Life AGAIN? I’m so delighted to tell you that my Modern Calligraphy for Beginners Kits have been featured in this months ‘What’s In’ section of Cheshire Life. After a tough few months in lockdown so many of us have turned to new hobbies and crafts, as a result my calligraphyContinue reading “Modern Calligraphy for Beginners (Postal Kits) – As seen in Cheshire Life”