Sarah Bloor at a Selfridges pod in Manchester

Find me in Selfridges this Christmas!

Sarah Bloor at a Selfridges pod in Manchester
Check me out in my Covid secure pod in Selfridges!

Well that’s a phone call I wasn’t expecting on a Thursday afternoon… guess who found me via Instagram and wants me in-store for customer promotions? Only flipping Selfridges!

I was literally jumping for joy but trying to keep my cool at the same time (as well as bribing Arthur with chocolate to stop him making dinosaur noises in the background).

Even with all the Covid restrictions in place this year, Selfridges are determined to treat their customers this Christmas with in-store treats. I’ve been asked to work every weekend in December personalising Christmas countdown boards for shoppers, as well as writing gift tags for the VIP’s – how cool is that?

I’ll be in my own little Covid secure pod and working in Selfridges in Manchester City Centre! Bring it on – can’t wait to meet you all!

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